Sunday Morning

Welcome to our Sunday Morning Service. Should you be unable to attend a service you can listen to both our morning and evening service sermons from the ‘sermons’ page of this website, which can be found here.

We are presently studying the book of Galatians. The fact that we are justified by grace through faith means we have spiritual freedom. We are not under bondage to the dictates of the Old Testament Law. Paul soundly condemns anyone who would denigrate the grace of God and attempt to change the gospel. He gives his apostolic credentials and emphasizes that righteousness comes through Christ not the works of the Law. The Galatians must stand fast in their freedom and not be “entangled again with a yoke of bondage (that is, the Mosaic law)”. 

 Salvation is the work of the Spirit, and we must be born again. External religious rites as found under The Law are of no value in the realm of the Spirit.

16 JanuaryBen LambGalatians 4: 8-20Be zealous for what is good
23 JanuaryPastor Phil WatersGalatians 4: 21-31Children of the promise
30 JanuaryPaul RobinsonTBARelease International
06 FebruaryPastor Phil WatersGalatians 5: 1-6Freedom in Christ
13 FebruaryBen LambGalatians 5: 7-15Freedom not licence